The personality of Barr George Fortune can be liken to a friend that sticks closer than a Brother, He is a true example of Servanthood  Leadership, that's why he calls himself  ''The Cheif Servant" of ANUPA-UCB.


Barr. George was elected in November, 2018 as ANUPA-UCB Chairman by  divine will of the Almighty God.

Since then, Barr George has consulidated on the achivements of his predicessor, Amb. Gabriel Egbe who until his appointment as the Registrar of the University of Calabar, was representing Congregation in  the Governing Council of the University of Calabar, Calabar. 

Having done well taking over from Mr Gabriel Egbe in ANUPA-UCB, am sure George would equally do well if he takes over the representation of Congregation in the University of Calabar Council.

Without equivocation,Barr George had surpassed the expectations of Congress  in the last two years with

unpresidented track records and achivements best described by many as overwhelming.


In order to improve on the quality service delivery of Administrators in the University of Calabar, Barr George decided to focus on the training of ANUPA-UCB members.

For the first time in history, more than 55 Junior Administrators  were sponsored to Delta State University, Abraka for a Training Workshop organized by ANUPA National.The transportation to and fro, feeding and accommodation was  sponsored by ANUPA-UCB.

Also, In 2018, through his Leadership,  more than 75 Junior Administrators were  sponsored to Administrative Staff College, Badagry, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The transportation to and fro, accommodation and feeding was equally sponsored by ANUPA-UCB.

The Senior Administrators were not left behind, He also sponsored 53 Senior Administrators to Abuja, for ANUPA National Training Workshop.

This feet was indeed celebrated in ANUPA due to the way and manner it was it was organized.

The most interesting and eventful was the sponsorship of over 120 Administrators to the University of Uyo, for 2019 ANUPA National Conference and Annual General Assembly.

The locally organized Training Workshop in 2019 for all Junior Administrators was also top-notch.

This can be replicated in the University Council to benefit a greater number of University Staff.



In order to motivate staff and keeping pace with the present economic realties, Barr. George increased the Welfare package of Members from >75% to more than >200% 


Child dedication:from 2,000 to 10,000

Death of Biological Parents: From 10,000 to 30,000

Death of spouse who is not a member: from 20,000 to 30,000

serious sickness of members: from 10,000 to 30,000

marriage of members: From 5,000 to 20,000



Barr George had created a picture of great expectations on the minds of ANUPA-UCB Members during Christmas. The rice distribution to members and non members  had given ANUPA-UCB a good image of setting the pace for staff motivation and professionalism. Most ANUPA-UCB members now have something to look forward to every December.

Due to his performances, Congress considered 2020 as inactive and voted for additional one year for Him to make up the lose year.Am not sure this was the case in most Associations.

This can equally be replicated in the University Council to benefit a greater number of University Staff.

Vote Barr George


Barr George had enjoyed overwhelming support and Goodwill from members of the University Community.

He is known for peace, charity, care, empathy and above all sportsmanship.

Barr. GEORGE calls those ahead of him "My Senior" My leader" etc

His farewell greetings as we all know is MAY YOU LIVE LONG

This Man is Loyal, Civil, Polite, Humble, Patriotic, unassuming, down-to- earth, modest and upretentious.

This is the best candidate to work with our amireble Vice Chancellor to bring the desired results.

His generousity knows no bounds, his aura is contagious, his selfishness is baffling and his love for the needy  is intoxicating.

We love this man.

please vote for him


As a lawyer and a Security expert, Barr. George would be a great  advantage to the University of Calabar Council.

He is knowledgeable, outspoken and versatile.This is the time we need him most in the University of Calabar.


Barr George is highly motivated and enthusiastic. He works like a buldozzer with accuracy and precision. His passion for people and work resonates like a combustible engine.His  calligraphy (handwriting) which is a unique fone style yet to be incorporated by windows and his signature are testimonies of gifted hands.

A vote for Barr George is a vote for the University Staff indeed.

VOTE  Barr George, for Charismatic Leadership, VOTE for the voiceless.

A vote for Barr George is a vote for Equity and Justice

Vote Barr George to represent Congregation.

If He can do this in ANUPA-UCB, He can make meaningful contributions for the benefit of the University Staff.

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