It is crystal clear and unfortunate that there is no political opposition and pro-activism within the political space of the Boki 1 metropolis unlike her sister constituency 'Boki 11'. This is why i must applaud  Hon Hillary Bisong for proving to the Boki 2 people modalities and qualities of a good leader, by taking active participation in student activism, drawing opportunities closer his people. Most recently, NIN centre to the Boki 2 which is now very active. He believe and works for the recent creation of wards and polling centres which favoured his people. 

However, it's In records that the state house representatives whether constitutional or conventional have the right to show concern in the students activism believing they are the future leaders. "This is why in the time of Hon. Alex Ebu  he was able to install the leadership of the Boki  students WW to watch over her students against cultism and other social menace. What happened in time of Hon. Ernest Eki ? All these men showed concern and proved to the people sound and qualitative representation.

-Why I should be concern with Hon. Itam's poor performance.

In line with the opening paragraph:

~Hon. Itam should try as much as possible to reconcile the vacuum between  herself and the academic space(students)

~Running from the office is not Ideal as this is not the reason she was voted into office. No matter what the problem could be, Running is never the solution.

~let's also understand that frequent appearances at the constituency and social events are 'customary'. that way, one may know the problem affecting the people and knows the motions to move in favour of her people. Hon. Itam has failed. When last did she visit Okwa, Okwangwo, Bashu or even her constituency? 

~When last did she have meeting with her constituents to brief them on the development so far?

~let me say that with constant visitation as customary as it's,  the 1975 old primary school buildings will be taken to discuss to the house where renovation process shall take place.

~she should stop capitalizing on the past glory I did ( in my first dispensation)

  ~she should drag lucrative project into her constituency

~she should try as much as possible to single handedly come with many polling stations to her constituency. Couple with the motions she moves and supports, she will make a good representation than others

~she should learn to take people's calls and chats

~Remember you where not voted to ignore others

~as the number one citizen of the constituency,  she should take active participation in the students unionism.

~for once, empower students from your constituency

~she should try and repair her failed campaign promises; on the Bashu road which facilitating process have been moved by non-representatives yet her presence is lacking 

~lastly, she should call and reconcile with her boys whose championed her elections,  for the course she became 

This way the many questions the many people asked "do we really have a representative?" Will be limited.

My take on the many question the many people asked.

Bright Menget

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