Ezekiel Ojong Neji ( CEO )

Co-owners are;

Ezekiel Ojong Neji, Richard Ajom Edim , Alvin Nkom, Richard Princewill and Albert Ndom  Ewa.

 Richenzik started her full operation  on August 19th, 2020. The company was incorporated 16th February, 2021.

Richenzik produces all kinds of Natural fruit juices and smoothies, shaks, pizza, and etc. Richenzik believe in top quality products as they never settle for less. 

 There also offer the best   consultancy Services as they give clients best  license  professionals. 

The CEO of Richenzik is Neji Ezekiel Ojong while the  Richenzik president is Albert Ndom. Richenzik  has the best and  smartest staffs.

The  business which  ones started small in a kitchen   is  today call RICHENZIK, the fastest growing conglomerate in the world.

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