For the sake of clarity and in-depth exposition, I would love to give a brief synopsis of the events preceding the Supreme Court Judgement that dealt a traumatizing blow on Dr. Steve Odey and the Governor's minions.

Sequel to the unfortunate demise of Late Senator Rose Oko, erstwhile Senator representing the Cross River State Northern Senatorial District, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) fixed a by-election to fill the Vacant position at the Senate. The electioneering process saw two factions within the People's Democratic Party, both laying claim to Winning the election. The PDP Primaries conducted on the "5th of September 2020" had produced Rt. Hon Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe as winner of the primaries monitored by INEC officials and conducted using the "AUTHENTIC DELEGATE LIST" as approved by the NWC of PDP and Dr. Steve Odey on the other hand claimed to have won the Primaries using another Delegate List. Consequently, both factions went to court seeking legal validation to their individual claim, fortunately for Rt. Hon Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe, the Supreme Court on the 25th of February 2021 struck out Dr. Steve Odey's appeal against the judgement earlier delivered by a High Court and an Appeal Court in favour of Rt. Hon. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe. This judgement incidentally became the last straw that broke the camel's back and left Dr. Steve Odey's camp perplexed, distraught and politically comatose. 

In view of the above, many political analysts, pundits, gladiators and Power Brokers have continued to give different opinions on the outcome of the Supreme Court Judgement, but I am very particular about interrogating the position of Hon. Chris Njah Mbu-ogar as captured in the interview granted to Beatrice Akpala. In doing that, I would gladly x-ray the Facts and Farces as captured in the interview.

FARCE 1: "Northern Cross River May Never have a Leader"

FACT: The truth is, every great leader is a product of the People. The People decide who they want as their Leader. Power resides where men believe it resides, it's a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow, if he has the people with him. The People of Northern Cross River know their true Leader(s).

FARCE 2: "The Conspiracy of Silence amongst Leaders of thought in Northern Cross River"

FACT: To his Credit, Hon. Chris Njah Mbur-ogar admitted that His Excellency, Prof. Ben Ayade "attempted" carrying an all- inclusive decision making process in Northern Cross River but "ran into trouble". This confession from Hon. Chris Njah Mbur-ogar further underscored the claim from some Leaders in Northern Cross River that the Governor has been unfair to them and has outrightly neglected them in the process of critical decision making. This could possibly be the reason for the silence on the part of the leaders of thought in Northern Cross River.

FARCE 3: "External Interference"

Hon. Chris Njah Mbur-ogar had accused His Excellency Chief Nyesom Wike, Governor of River State, of interfering in the political affairs of Cross River State in a bid to politically empower his friend and ally, Distinguished Senator Prof Sandy Ojang Onor. 

FACT: The truth is, a bad workman always blames his tools. He blames everyone and everything but himself for whatever ill-fate that befalls him. Let me assume without conceding that Governor Nyesom Wike is actually interfering in the affairs of Cross River State, won't that be tantamount to saying that the person piloting the political affairs of Cross River State is weak or docile? How well has the Governor played his politics in the State in carrying members of his political party along? Would there be need for external interference if there was no internal negligence on the part of the Governor?

FARCE 4: Consensus Building

Hon. Chris Njah Mbu-ogar had appluaded His Excellency, Mr. Liyel Imoke for introducing the principle of Consensus Building into the politics of Cross River State, which has given Cross River State relative peace.

FACT: Admittedly, the principle of Consensus Building has given Cross River State relative peace but the big question is, how well has the Governor played his own role towards building a consensus? Can you build a consensus in insolation? How well did the Governor follow the principle of Consensus Building in bringing on board the various Local Government Chairmen/Chairwomen? How well did the Governor follow the principle of Consensus Building in trying to foist Dr. Steve Odey on the people of Cross River North. It is worthy of note to stress that Dr. Steve Odey admitted on National Television that the Governor handpicked him and asked him to run for the Senate. This is against the principle of Consensus Building.

Sometimes, you need to take your enemy's side if you are going to see things the way they do.

FARCE 5: "Prof. Sandy Onor's Gubernatorial ambition will destroy the Political Family in Cross River State"

FACT: The truth is Senator Prof Sandy Onor is yet to make any declaration about running for the Governorship seat. Hence, it is wrong to place the cart before the horse. Nevertheless, let me assume that Distinguished Senator Prof Sandy Onor will contest for the Governorship seat, how will his running for the Governorship position destroy the Political Family in Cross River State? The issue of Zoning and Power Shift to Southern Cross River is highly insignificant at this moment. The zoning principle is the political arrangement of PDP as a political party and the party can still decide to zone it's Gubernatorial ticket to any Senatorial District. Remember, the Party is SUPREME




Every Governor is indeed, the leader of the party he belongs to and what qualifies leadership is the ability to take responsibility and understand that a whole lot of good or bad events depend on your decisions, actions and inactions. 



His Excellency Sen. Liyel Imoke is a fantastic politician and great in all perspectives but he too, is human and had his shortfalls and the consequences are factors that have laid a foundation for the avoidable crisis rocking the People's Democratic Party in Cross River State now. A few, mismanaged issues led to the defection of the former Governor, H.E Donald Duke and  Senator Victor Ndoma Egba who exited the party with his portfolio as Senate leader.

Gov Imoke's closest aides, the then Chief of Staff and his deputy, Sir Alex Egbonna and Jude Ngaji contested and failed elections and the former left the party to be later followed by his deputy after a second failed trial in the incumbent administration. A few of the myriad of good heads he had as appointees including a former speaker of the CRSHA who acted as Governor when Imokes election was annulled by the court contested and failed gubernatorial elections and exited the party as well. All these high profile defections gave prominence to Labour Party in the State. This dictatorial leadership style was what led to the hand picking of a governor in the person of HE, Ben Ayade as successor.

 Today, Hon Njar Mbu Ogar  who at most partook as a chapter chairman during these events attempts to manipulate and arm twist the facts. Such impetus and negative audacity puts a question mark on his integrity.


Issue of Governor Ayade being undermined by the National leadership of the PDP


Contrary to what is being peddled by Hon Chris Njar Mbu Ogar about the Governor being undermined by the NWC of the PDP, indeed, Governor Ben Ayade is the most favoured PDP Governor in Nigeria despite his blatant disregard and noncommittal to the Party. He has never attended the National Executive Committee meeting of the People's Democratic Party and has never held a successful Caucus meeting which comprises of All National Assembly Members, principal officers of State House of Assembly, some members of the State party exco and Board of Trustees, the only one he managed to put together ended like child's play because he only called to inform party stakeholders about his choice for State Party Chairmanship yet. In the build up to Congress ,the National Working Committee gave him the sole responsibility of nominating members of the congress Committee to oversee the Ward and Chapter Congresses and after the same committee he selected went back with results, he started calling for a change as if the Party is a play toy. 

No serious party leadership will accept such demands.


The People's Democratic Party is founded on the following principles;

   Consensus, where relevant party leaders sit and agree on certain vital decisions including zoning.

     Strict Adherence to Zoning which is the consensus decision of the caucus.

     Gender Sensitivity, where party leaders encourage balance in gender participation in party activities. 

Qualification and Loyalty.

From the three above, the party caucus finds qualified persons who have been loyal to the party and supports their aspirations.

Gov Ayade has not kept faithfully, even one from any of these principles. Today, those whose counsel he preferred over sound reasoning are crying foul and looking for who to blame. There's very little success, if at all, that anyone who builds a fence of sycophants around himself can achieve.


FACTS: The energy they put into the fright of the outcome of 2023 should be used for sober reflection. 1Timothy 5:8 "any man who cannot provide for his household has denounced his faith and is worse than an infidel"

Let it be on record that the likes of Chris Njar Mbu Ogar  are the reason the crisis in Cross River State PDP degenerated to the level it is today. 

It is instructive to note that he Chris mentioned the fact that HE Sen. Liyel Imoke introduced consensus building at all levels as Governor of Cross River State. The idea of consensus building did not only bring about peace and stability in the polity, it also made him succeed as governor because respected leaders across board were widely consulted before major decisions affecting the state are taken. This gave them a huge sense of belonging and calmed frayed nerves. 

But today, we have a situation where the governor unilaterally takes decisions affecting the State without due consultation and not minding if there are consequences. 

Worthy of note also is the fact that it is not a crime to have a governor as a friend. Keep Governor Wike out of our self inflicted crisis.

An attempt to pass the buck and make unguarded utterances rather than come by way of amendable statement will further polarize the system. Leaders must at all times surround themselves with followers who are honest enough to point out loop holes around them. Wrong advisors and praise singers constitute the major pitfalls of leadership because they tell you you are right even when they know you are wrong for the benefits. 

Senator Sandy is delivering excellently well on his mandate as Senator representing the good people of Cross River Central Senatorial District.

Rather than take media space  to play a script in support for Mr Ben Akak to foster his Deputy Governorship   ambition ,Chris Njar Mbu-Ogar should do well to show the good people of Etung his achievements as member representing Etung in the house of Assembly. If only he would enlist this energy in service to his people, Etung LGA would be better for him.

If I may ask, in what capacity is Hon Chris Njar Mbu Ogar acting as the spokesman of Cross River State politics if not for the usual delusions of grandeur and the bloated ego of a failed  empire.

Conclusively, while it is good for us to build a better and stronger Cross River State of our collective dreams, it is worthy of note to further stress that those who live in glass houses, don't throw stones.


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