Ogbennaya Chinaeye Mary is a 300L student of the department of History and International Studies in the Faculty of Art, University of Calabar, Calabar. 

Chineye is a native of Imo state but resides and studies in Calabar.

She is exposed to possible ways of achieving and rebuilding FASA.

In an interview with the CrossRiverDrew news men, she said, “I know that over time students have seen unionism as a toll of solidarity. They see it as a means to socialize. They forget to put at the back of their minds that life without legacy is death. Socialism is a good thing. That is the truth. But to me, life is not about chanting “solidarity” but acting “solidarity”. 

It is about solidarity and legacy. It is important to identify issues affecting students in the Faculty and trying as much as possible to work things out. 

There is a need to identify these issues and bring them to table for discuss. 

These issues include: cultism, sexual harassment, rape and gender equality, amongst other factors.

When the finance of an institution is managed by the right person, or is managed by the right people, the people rejoice.

Stating the problems affecting students is an obvious duty.  It is on this note that I am aspiring for the post of Vice President, Faculty of Arts, University of Calabar. It is my utmost interest to work with the Faculty, Heads of Departments (H.O.D’s), Deans, Students Union Government, Students, and the entire management of the institution—to change the narrative.

I will not say there are no benefits in FASA as a body. There are. When was the last time FASA executed a heart-drown project? Have you ever wondered if we could do things that will attract blessings from the almighty God? 

I will walk in the ways of the lord in accordance with whosoever emerges as President. We will rebuild one of the oldest and God given faculty which is FASA.

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