Located in the southeastern part of Nigeria, cross river state is one of the states with a fast-growing population and the need for the actualization of an industrial model is key for repositioning the state for massive development and transformation.

Cross River, a state largely dependent on federal allocation will need to strive hard on all fronts of development to overturn the difficulty posed by the court judgement of 2012 relishing about 78 oil wells to neighboring Akwa Ibom state causing a downturn and plunge in the economic growth of the state.

Deliberate steps and efforts would need to be taken to explore and tap from the untapped potentials of the agricultural, tourism, and mineral resources sectors respectively, which are viable channels that can effectively drive the economy of the state and completely eliminate dependence on loans and federal allocation.

The creation of an enabling environment and support for government and private-owned industries and businesses alongside SME’S through tax reduction and holidays, infrastructure development, the security of lives and properties and a host of other incentives will reduce the high unemployment rate in the state, improve the ease of doing business ranking of the state, drive industrialization through the proliferation of local and foreign investors and captains of industries pitching their business tents in the state which will actualize a unique industrial model in the state causing rapid exponential growth in all sectors of the state’s economy.

The actualization of the cross river industrial model can be the brain-child in unlocking the vast benefits of a non-oil driven Nigerian economy.

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