Moving to APC is not a yardstick that you will control the system, PDP or APC Isn't the problem but your style of leadership - 


Savior Tommy 

Rumours peddling the air of your planned defection has prompted me to engage you with an open letter to address issues that has faulted the system overtime.

Your Excellency, your emergence as the Governor of Cross River State by Great Sen. Liyel Imoke(fmr Gov of CRS) Was a welcomed trasition that was accepted by all Cross Riverians. When we heard you were nominated as the flagbearer of the PDP in 2015 elections, The entire youths were excited that our vibrant, energetic, youth oriented senator was coming to sustain and develop the gains achieved by past Governors.

So far, 5 years has passed and our expectations since your emergence has sored, with very daring and wrong steps taken so far. I am going to be pointing out these very mistakes as we proceed but I feel the problem is not PDP or APC but your style of leadership.


PROBLEM: I was shocked in 2015 when I saw you roll out a list of over 1000 appointees, with irrelevant portfolios with no office to occupy. Imagine having a Special Advicer on Banana plantation (doesn't make sense), I wonder what role will the commissioner for agriculture play. Your reasons were that you want to provide jobs to as many people as possible through political appointments. Sir these is really baseless, political appointees are supposed to be endowed with wealth of experience and capacity to deliver on your mandate. But what we see are appointees who know nothing, just to sit at home and get thier salaries because the state does not have the infrastructural capacity to engage over 1000 appointees.  Your Excellency,  if 3 people are to be given appointment in each wards in the state, it doesn't change the fact that poverty will be alleviated at the local levels. Infact these appointees end up causing serious problems for you at ward levels, saying things they are not suppose to say and denting your reputation through thier irresponsible attitude towards their people. You will hear things like, "NA AYADE APPOINTEE". To even shock you more, these guys can't even win an election in thier wards, all most of them do is to involve in election thuggery and dent the image of our long-standing democracy.

SOLUTION: Your Excellency, downsize the number of your appointees, select highly intellectual persons to run as your advicers/assistant whom will show you a clear roadmap to achieving your vision in the state. All laid off appointees can be engaged under an employment scheme we're they can be paid Through that channel, instead of having a redundant special advicers and assistant without a clear role and responsibilities. The cost of governance is currently sweeping away tax payer money in the state


Your Excellency, your passion towards building industries in CRS is second to none, amazing and brilliant..but piloted on a wrong/failed framework. 

-Garment factory


-CRS toothpick factory

-Cocoa factory


-Deep seaport

-super highway

-supergetti flyover


-cargo airport

-banana plantation to mention but a few.

Sir these visions were too vague for the state,. A state with limited resources to cater for civil servants??. Most of us wondered how you were going to implement these over 200billion cost effective project with a state allocation of about 2 billion were salaries is paid from. Cross Riverians were also worried how tax payers money will be used to implement these project that were not realistic. At a point we saw you seeking the intervention of federal government for support, we knew we were just into another rounds of failed Government. Since inception, 50% of these industries have not even commenced yet. We still watch your dexterity to see how we achieve all these project in coming 3 years.

A lot of us expected that tourism would have been your key focus, since it remains the state highest source of revenue since inception. Infact our past Governors dwelt on tourism and achieved alot.


Your Excellency, we still have 3 years to go.. please let's stop launching new and ambiguous projects and focus on achieving the ones laid down already.

Privatisation of these already established industries is key to sustaining them. I have always said that Government has no business, doing business. If you must keep all those employed at the garment factory still employed after your government, then privatisation is key. We cannot keep using tax payer money to service and build unimaginable infrastructure at the detriment of the common man. Focus on maintaining our roads, water, electricity, good healthcare, quality education. All these basic amenities make a common man feel the impact of the government and not political appointments.


You started the government on a very funny note of giving Cross Riverians what to laugh about when ever they hear that their budget is about to be passed, 

2016-Budget of Deep vision(303billion)

2017-Budget of infinite transposition(707billion)

2018-Budget of kinetic crystallisation(1.3 trillion)

2019- budget of quabalistic densification(1.4 trillion)

2020-budget of olympotic meristemasis(1.1 trillion)

2021-budget of blush and bliss.

The names you tagged these budget with hugh budgetary cost is a ridicule of your governance. The budgetary costs were not realistic with nothing to show for till date.

SOLUTIONS: I must commend  that the 2021 budget of blush and bliss will yield result because it is realistic with focus on key facets of the economy. 

Your Excellency, the remaining 3 years can yield great results if you strickly work with the budget and focus on key areas of the economy that affects the well-being of CROSS RIVERIANS


it is no news that's your intentions are geared towards moving to APC. well if it is true?? Then I feel it's a very wrong step in the wrong direction. The youth of these country are fed up and tired with the APC/PDP party system....sir we are tired. Whether you decamp or not, it doesn't change the fact that our leaders in these parties are corrupt and have destroyed our system. The just concluded #endsars protest was a demonstration to show how our great youth are aggrieved with the failed system. So moving to APC will only compound issues and make you look like one of those inconsistent leaders whose aim is only towards thier selfish interest.

SOLUTION: The truth is, the Governor is the leader of a party, so take charge and take responsibility. You remain the party leader. I will suggest that you call all the aggrieved parties involved and seek a way forward, let not your interest overshadow the interest of others...let all interest target at taking the party forward.  Let the people decide who they want, and that can only make you that true leaders you seek for. Reconciliation is key as"LEADERSHIP IS GAINED AND NOT FORCEFULLY ACHIEVED"


It is widely know that CRS is a civil service state and through out your emergence as Governor there have not been a succesful civil service recruitment exercise for key sectors like health, education. Everyday we hear 20000 jobs, 5000 jobs or 10000jobs.....which have been successfully accomplished, None...


The money channeled for vague projects can be used to conveniently recruit and pay salaries of employees into prioritize establishment.

It is on these note I hereby wish my dear Governor a HAPPY NEW YEAR and pray for God guidance so as to enable you take CROSS RIVRR TO A GREATER HEIGHT.

N/B: COME 2023, there will be noting like PDP/APC but the youth will choose thier leaders rightly.

God bless Cross River State

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