Boki is undoubtedly, a very large local government area but maybe because of our geographical location, we tend to be at snail pace towards advancement in all ramifications of our societal life unlike other surrounding LGAs with proximity to routes leading into and out of the State. 

Several attempts have been made over the years to get popular commercial banks established in Boki but none has obliged till date. In 2014, UNICAL MICROFINANCE bank thankfully was brought to the rescue. However, people still stress to patronize the banks in Ogoja, Obudu and Ikom particularly the old pensioners, business men and women but the cost of transportation and the many recorded risks; fraud, robbery and accidents they encounter cannot be overemphasized.

This is a call on Boki indigenes to open an account with the only bank at our disposal which poses lesser or no risks. It is located close to the Police station in Okundi. Like every other commercial banks, UNICAL MICROFINANCE BANK renders all financial services including mobile transactions except Foreign exchange. 

 ©Philo Modlin Odu


 Now! Should we continued to risk our lives by going to Obudu, Ikom all in the name of Bank Tractions?

What should Boki be known for? 



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