One of the many things my parents are grateful for, is the gift of having focused children. 

The chubby one is my immediate younger sister, her name is Joy, she is a fashion designer with a brand name JoyStitches, she makes virtually all our wears even the yellow skirt in the other picture. As one who had gotten preliminary knowledge in fashion designing after secondary school, she made the most of the ASUU Strike and Covid19 break by learning and perfecting her skill but this time, in UNISEX designs for adults and children. She should be in Year 3 but not for the unavoidable delay. Importantly, she is doing greatly academically and making some money to cater for her immediate needs as well. Encourage her with your patronage. She's in Calabar.


Grace, the slim one is very intelligent, inquisitive and daring like myself. She's passionately eyeing Law in the University, with an already good jamb score, I wholeheartedly hope she gets it. Instead of idling about while awaiting admission, she spent 4 months before the first pandemic break in obtaining knowledge in digital literacy and afterwards enrolled in a female hair styling salon in Abuja where she is 7 months into training and already making some beautiful hair styles including and wigs both braided and fixed. Her brand name is Grace's PearlTouch.

These my 'smallies' call me "henerable" ...I am indeed proud of them and will do everything humanly possible to protect and to see them succeed in Life. 

Charity they say, begins at home. I use my siblings as examples whenever I speak to young teenage/adolescent girls like them. An idle mind, is indisputably the devil's workshop. Be intentional, get productively busy!

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