It's no longer news by men and women of this society.

     "Few months ago before December that is  to be festive period. A period for celebration where women buys their wears and change hair styles. In short, a period for every woman to be celebrated. It's in this period that some group of men came out with an association known as " stingy men association of Nigeria (SMAN)" led by Reno Omokri. Association whose claims term at not giving a shishi to any woman.

This as it interest me to write, affected many women at this period; married and unmarried as many looses shapes and colour.

" couple days after the M'ber period,  women came with their call "stingy women association of Nigeria (SWAN)" led by Philo Modlin Odu,  whose defined not allowing any man to lay with them.

An association that has prepared and broken homes within this period is not longer a joke as to many thinking Mr Tambe confess, That since his wife joined this association she never allows him to lay on the same bed with her not to talk of touching her. Tambe plead to  Miss Modlin Odu to call on who ever has been in charged of this to come for a dialogue as he was never part of such Ogarnisation SMAN

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