"Whenever I have an opportunity, I will do my best to make the people happy, because their happiness is my happiness. Once people are happy, I'm very excited, that's my life''.

''I Will not play to the gallery. I will like to do a need assessment and see where to locate our youths in a way that whatever empowerment I bring will be such that generate sustainability overtime''.

''I will be a servant leader. I will like to be remembered for robust debates in the Senate. I will like to be remembered for attracting dividends of democracy to the people of Cross River Central. I will like to be remembered for elevating leadership and adding value to our people''.

'They call me the Original Caterpillar because of my capacity to energize, electrify and  constructively change things for good. It speaks to my capacity to do positive things, remove all obstacles, change dynamics and accelerate the momentum''.

''When I go to the Senate,  there will be a new rhyme, a new vision that will extend the frontier of performance in the senate''.

''While in the Senate, I will sponsor bills, catalyze debates and generally do things that will uplift the well-being of our people in Cross River State Central and Cross River State at Large''.

"We need very strong voices in the legislature. The people know that I can be that voice''.

"I am a pathfinder of sorts, I change difficult situations and make them look simple. I am hugely pro-people and service is dear to my heart''.

''God is number one in my life and the good of the people is uppermost in all I do''.

Indeed all of the above is manifesting gradually...

 "When the righteous rule, the people rejoice''.

The best is yet to come...

ORIGINAL CATERPILLAR!!!.... _For the good of all the people..._

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