*The Little you need to know about DouEkiewaglas* 


Ekiewa Douglas Oshieteh

E.D.O ( born December 12, 1995), is  a Nigerian undergraduate diplomat, historian and a part time businessman.  He is widely regarded as one of the most influential student politician in Nigeria and often cited as one of the greatest youth administrators of all time.

 *Early Life* 

Born in Boki, Douglas attended St John's Primary School Wula where he got his first school living certificate in 2006. 

He moved on to Buentsebe Secondary School Wula where he graduated in 2013 with excellent O Level results.

Douglas later moved to Lagos where he was staying with his uncle in Victoria Island Lagos, in 2014 he got a job as a waiter with Cactus Hotel by 1000 and 4 second gate, Ozumba Mbadiwe road, VI Lagos. Having shown his leadership qualities as a junior staff with Cactus, he was promoted after three months to become a head waiter, four months later, his giant strides left the whites (owners of the hotel) with no option but to make him the F and B supervisor of that great establishment. In November 2016, Douglas got admission to study history and international studies at the prestigious University of Calabar, In Dec 2016, Douglas legally resigned his services with Cactus to further his education. He is still welcome to the hotel any holiday he chose to spend in Lagos. 

 He is currently doing his undergraduate studies at the University of Calabar prestigious Department of History and International Studies.

*Leadership Journey* 

As a young secondary school student, Ekiewa Douglas was already serving in the apex governing body of Wula students as a financial secretary, showing promising signs of great leadership traits. He went ahead to serve his community as the financial secretary of Wula Youths  Association.  By 2018, he was already in the University of Calabar and a year two student where he continued his leadership journey despite the stress that naturally accompanies his field of study. Against all odds, he was supposed to contest for the presidential position of the Prestigious Department of History but had to step down along the line based on his firm belief that leadership comes from God and not a do die affair. 

Douglas got elected into the position of the Director of Sports of Boki Students Unical Chapter. He also became the Chief of Staff to the Faculty of Arts President Oshaka Godspower. The following year, as a dogged and never say die leader, he traveled down to Uyo at the National Convention of Students Historical Society of Nigeria. There he won the position of the first Vice President of the national body of History and international relations students. He is also the SA on External affairs to the Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria Cross River State Chapter .

Ekiewa Douglas today is a household name amongst thousands of History students across the nation for his good works which include;

His commendable efforts towards the unification of Nigerian students across the nation, the various ethnic cum tribal divides notwithstanding (The Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba etc).

Creating platforms by which students could  meet relevant political leaders who are sympathetic to the idea of youth inclusiveness in governance.

Championing along with few visionary associates in SHSN, the advocacy of bringing back the study of history to our various schools across various levels of education nationwide.

There is no doubt that his giant strides as the national Vice President speak volumes across the country. Douglas has been able to unite about 56 universities studying History and International Relations in Nigeria with a total number of about 180,000 registered History students nationwide. As a Vice president, he has visited at least 2 states from each of the geopolitical zones in Nigeria in his strong advocacy of the 'Bring Back History to our Secondary Schools Curriculum' mantra.

On the 8th day  of August 2020, Ekiewa Douglas was among the 3 History students selected to represent the entire Nigerian History students in a council meeting of the Historical Society Of Nigeria, headed by Prof Okpeh Okpeh the Chairman Historical Society Of Nigeria at the Nigerian Army Resource Centre Abuja. In this Council meeting, Comr. Ekiewa Douglas spoke on students welfare and the need to encourage harmonious lecturers/students relationship. He also spoke on the need to improve the students' resource rooms and libraries with quality reading materials for proper academic research. He further spoke on the need to introduce entrepreneurial programmes to ensure the production of resourceful historians that will stand the test of time in the 21st century. This pushed Prof Yakubu Aboki Ochefu(The Chairman, Unical Alumini) right in the meeting to make a pledge of facilitating a skill acquisition programme for History students free of charge.

A never tired servant of the people, Comr Ekiewa Douglas is currently running for the position of the President of National Association of Cross River State Students 

World Wide.

Ekiewa Douglas, is experienced, he has the qualities we need to rebuild the NACRISS of our dreams, let's give him this opportunity to rebuild NACRISS for us.


 *Vote Comr. Ekiewa Douglas Oshieteh, for NACRISS President* 💪.

 _*Atah Gift Excel*_

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