Gaius Julius Caesar during his reign as the Governor of Gaul (Present day France) was ordered by the Roman Senate to step down from his Military command and return to Rome. For Caesar, leaving his command in Gaul would mean loosing his community to criminal prosecution by his enemies, knowing this, Casear openly defiled the Senate authority by *Crossing the Rubicon*

Julius Caesar like any other person was not allowed to enter Italy armed. To do so would amount to a declaration of war, However, Casear did. Before the crossing, he was quoted to have said "The Die Is Cast" meaning "a decision has been taken and there was no going back". This singular act began the Caesar's civil war, which he won, leaving him in a position of near unchallenged power and influence.

As a young fellow who is "obsessively" censorious when it comes to issues of governance, I find it overwhelmingly difficult ignoring the torrential display of stellar performances in Central Senatorial District by Distinguished Senator Prof. Sandy Onor (The Orator of the 9th National Assembly). As one who is addictively inclined to constructive criticism and demand for good governance, I have unwittingly become an unapologetic stickler for excellence. For the past few weeks, I have watched in awe the amazing happenings in my senatorial district ranging from Construction and Renovation of Roads, Installation of Street Lights, Dredging of Boreholes, Donation of Facilities to schools, Training of Youths on ICT etc, and as Martin Luther King Jr would say, "an ungrateful heart is a thief" I have chosen to, on behalf of the common man in Central Senatorial District, convey an avalanche of encomium to the Senator representing Central Senatorial District, for undauntedly *Walking the  Talk*.

In a state where mediocrity has been canonized and dividends of democracy brutally bastardized, with our supposed leaders apparently being caught up in a web of political delusion and phantasmagoria, it is now a laudable act of miracle for one to see a politician who has chosen to dare the odds, cross the Rubicon and change the narratives by bringing the dividends of democracy to the grassroot. In a State where every politician think about the next election and how to "weaponize" hunger against the electorates, Senator Prof. Sandy Onor has chosen to Cross the Rubicon, now the die is cast and there is obviously no going back.

I have watched the distinguished senator make valid case for his constituents on the floor of the Senate especially the war ravaged people of Osopong in Obubra where I come from, an act that earned him the most coveted *Orator of the Senate* title. Indeed Cross River Central Senatorial District has never had it this good and excellent. I could not be prouder to commend and identify with the good works of Distinguished Senator Sandy Onor, for i believe there is a higher court than the court of justice, and that is the court of conscience (sincere apologies to Mahatma Gandhi), hence it will be a great disservice to my conscience if I don't applaud the good deeds of Senator Sandy Onor.

Just like Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, dared the odds and left an indelible mark on the sands of time, it is my belief that Distinguished Senator Sandy Onor will follow suit and leave an incontrovertible litanies of legacies behind. It is my earnest prayer and hope that the Distinguished Senator continues to play the politics of the people even as I look forward to seeing the effect of the Caterpillar Movement in my own immediate political Ward, Osopong Ward 2 in Obubra Local Government Area, ravaged by war and infrastructural decay.

God bless Senator Prof. Sandy Onor.
God bless Cross River Central.

*©Umezulike Desmond-Cruz write from war ravaged land of Osopong*

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