Good afternoon great sons and daughters of Boki. My name is Bisong Joshua A. a native of Boki, as a concern son of Boki who has reviewed the activities of student unionism and traced antecedence from inception to modern day, it is imperative that I draw your attention to the underlying truth which is glaring and obviously visible as regards to NACRISS WW, I have come to the realization that almost all LGA'S in central Cross  River State have been fairly represented in student unionism and have in one point or another produced a NACRISS WW president, except for Boki and Obubra,  Abi produced the pioneer president,Yakurr, Ikom, and then Etung. 

 Also it is pertinent that I draw your attention that Obubra has equally had its own fair share, the current NYCN state Chairman is from Obubra.  

It is enough reason why we as Sons and daughters of this great Nation should Holistically champion this Cause, this isn't a struggle for Douglas Ekiewa Oshieteh  alone but a struggle that we as a nation will enjoy the pedigree, we deserve to be represented at that level. 

It will be a slap on us if we allow local governments who have tested the office of the Nacriss ww presidency to mount it again without us knowing what it feels like and  contributing our own quarter in sustaining student unionism,  if this is achieved it will serve as an energizer to further boast the courage of Boki students in eyeing attractive position in student unionism and secular politics to confront their fears an take the bull by the horn, moreover the slogan reads build the youth build the nation,  in actual sense build a boki youth,  build the boki nation. This struggle or race requires money, strong political connection because 75% of the outcome is decided by secular political powers. 

 We as a blessed Nation are equal to the task,  Nothing is too small nor too big. Elections is in two days time 15th December 2020. If it is a text, a call, financial support or a visit go the extra mile, contribute your quarter. 


 By BisongJoshthescholar

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